How KXIP became first Sports Club to use bot improve registration by 400%.

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Like most of the subcontinent citizens, I too am a big fan of Cricket. IPL is the time of the year (besides the India Vs Pakistan) the cricket fever peaks & engulfs the entire subcontinent breaking all bundaries. IPL is one crazy season when we have people showing their allegiance to their clubs. It’s not like a English Premiere, but the craze is nothing less. With IPL in full swing, the Sports club have a lot of fans coming to their Social media pages or web to show their love for the club, major interaction being on Social media. Though clubs boast of huge number of followers over various platforms, no club has a registered base of fans to ensure interaction when the season is not live or to monetize the fan base. KXIP is one of the finest Teams of IPL and wanted to increase their registered fan base.

With over 7 million Page likes, the club had just thousand registered users. The challenge was to convert the fan base into a registered user base and allow the club to reach out to these fans. With limited time at hand, Joe Hukum built a chat bot and deployed it over Facebook & on KXIP web page. The bot allowed KXIP to interact with its fans. The fans could play contest, ask questions & get replies and also give suggestions to the club. Bot ensures that the communication for every Fan was two way without any manual intervention. The entire exercise led to over 400% increase in fan registration & over 300% increase in sales of match tickets from these platforms. With bot in place the user experience improved significantly because now the users were getting response to their queries and also got a chance to win merchandises.

This was first of it’s kind campaign & the enormous response & performance  delivered by the campaign only strengthened the idea that Chat is next & the most economical tool for Businesses to engage with their consumers.


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