Improve Key Metrics With Chatbots.

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Improve Key metrics with Joe Hukum bot.

With fund flow getting slower day by day, it has become important for businesses to not just offer good services but also ensure a fairing key metrics set. Now it’s not just the matter of acquiring customers, but having them stick around with the business for a while & also actively talk about the business. From a consumer per-se, the change in behavior will follow its own course, so the onus comes back on the business to improve the efficiency of the channels & engagement of users.  A large part of the traffic coming to platforms leaves without adding any value to the business. A lot of marketing tools tried to fill this by giving Leave intent, Offer popups, personalized messages services but the gap could not be filled. These tools did help in generating leads and to some extent generate sales, but Bots enable businesses to reach and engage their customers in their preferred environment. This engagement is completely customizable and can be completely customized as per the user. Any business that previously built a website or an app will now have to build a bot. As consumers start engaging with a few brands through messaging bots, they will expect every other business to offer bots, too.

With Indian ecosystem ripe with good developers, adapting to new advancements & technology isn’t a herculean task for big businesses. Joe Hukum helps build bots for businesses across platforms. With Joe Hukum bots businesses get the ability to automate Customer support, Product Recommendation & Personalized messaging to its users. Automating Customer support not just makes the interaction completely homogeneous for the user, but saves great amount for businesses. The guided conversation helps the businesses take the user to a goal. Implemented well, chatbots have the power to both improve customer experience and make service more efficient for both brands and consumers

Interaction with bots helps businesses build a consumer profile accurately and not base it on derived assumptions. This behavior mapping can greatly help businesses recommend products, manage grievances & also improve the process to offer great service.

With Joe Hukum bot, businesses have experienced 40% to 60% improvements in conversions & over 80% improvement in quality lead generation. From enabling chat bots for One of India’s finest sports club to building bot for one of the largest ecommerce companies, Joe Hukum has allowed businesses build on Key metrics significantly.


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