5 Ways to get stylish this winter!!

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This winter is not only about keeping yourself warm but also keeping yourself stylish!
I feel shopping should be done like an investment and not a divestment! Everyone shops but only some are endowed with this talent of shopping smartly. If you want to be counted in one of them just follow these few stylish tips this winter and flaunt your style!


⦁ Cape Coats- It’s a 1940’s fashion which came back this season of 2015-2016. There was a time when cape coats were popular in Victorian era. It covers the back and front with an undefined armhole, for the easy movement. The fabric used in this are little flimsy so that it falls properly on the body for a perfect shape. It’s a kind of formal wear which can be paired up with denims, leather boots and Sunnis to give a classic look.
Try this look and feel confident!


⦁ Cape Vest- – It’s like a cape coat but an alternative which is arm-less, so you can style it in many ways. You can wear it under or over a normal coat, over a sweater or button down and even over a long dress.
Cape vest is mostly an add-on accent to the whole look; it can be used as an accessory.
The way the garment falls can vary as the lapel is exaggerated. The best fabric which gives an amazing fall to this type of garment is felt.
Felt fabric is best for winters as it is a fibre fabric.


⦁ Blanket cape- This type of cape is easy to wear as you just have to wrap it around and feel warm. And this is what we want to do in winters, just cuddle up in a blanket, so that’s how this garment will give you that look, in style.
This blanket cape was launched in fall 2014 by Burberry.
Burberry is best known for its Trench coats.


⦁ Bomber jacket- Get a sporty chic look with this lightweight bomber jacket.A bomber jacket is 10 times cosier than any jacket, there’s no denying it.
If you want to try little Androgynous and boxy look try this jacket which is everywhere this season.
It is padded that’s why it gives a little fullness to the whole jacket. The hem and cuffs has a rib detail, with a zipper in the front. The fabric which is used is nylon which is water resistant and the lining is done mostly with fleece which keeps it warm.
It’s a must have this season!


⦁ Colorful knits- These colorful knitted loose sweaters will never go out of trend!
Knitting is the oldest way to protect the body from the winter season, it was a basic need for human being to survive, that’s how knitting started.

Nothing is better than colorful knits, its always eye-catching and ever green fashion.It’s A favourite of the street style set.




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