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Ways to Save your Time


  1. Eat Healthy Meals – Healthy eating is about eating smart. Eating fresh fruits & vegetables, reducing your intake of sugar & refined carbohydrates, on the other hand, may help to improve mood & lower the risk of mental problems, but how do you assure yourself that every morning when you get up, you would find this fresh food on your table. Well, that’s where Joe comes in. Joe can take care of your dietary plan and deliver fresh food & fruits to your doorstep. He would also remind you if in case there is something new which you might be interested in trying or having it daily!
  2. Online booking – How often, do you set an alarm to book Tatkal train ticket or a flight ticket. There might be incidents when you miss that 10 o’clock tone and you end up travelling by Bus or not even a bus and then ultimately what you are left with is a Taxi paying a hefty amount. What did you lose? You lost valuable time and money! What could have been done, you ask? You could have texted Joe! Joe could have taken care of your train ticket and also flight booking in case of long distance travelling. Just a small simple text could have done wonders! Don’t you think?
  3. Grocery order – Keeping a maid or a servant is not affordable for everyone. Sending them daily to buy fresh groceries is also a tedious task to do & also there is no guaranty that the vegetables bought would be fresh or not. Going yourself though seems feasible but is again not easy when you are coming back to home, exhausted, after work. Joe can even buy you fresh groceries and can deliver it. He is just a text away.
  4. Don’t multi-tasking – Multi-tasking often makes you more confused among the work you do and you might be planning to do. Passing on some work to other would decrease your work load and is an efficient way to utilize time. This work load could be from buying some small stationary items to some electronic gadgets to anything. It is always advisable to delegate it to other people and work on high priority work.
  5. Control Procrastinate – Procrastination often results when you don’t sense enough pain for not doing it or enough pleasure to do it. Take procrastinated items & break-it-down to little bite-sized, manageable pieces. Let’s say you have a parcel which you want to courier but due to some other work, you are messed up and didn’t get time to do that. You don’t even know which company you should rely on and who can do the fastest delivery! Well Joe could even tell you that! He can even get your parcel picked up from your home and get it delivered with a receipt forwarded to you.
  6. Visa/ Passport – Getting the passport/Visa application filed and getting the verification done is again a tedious and lacklustre task which takes lots and lots of time. Getting information about it is again not easy. Joe has some multi-talents and you would certainly be amused! Joe can get your verification & even renewable of Visa in very short time interval. Just a text and our things are covered.
  7. Information – You are travelling and you don’t have any clue about the places you can visit! The packages you can avail and even the discount coupons which you could use while travelling! Your stay and even the restaurants according to the cuisines you prefer – these all could be covered by Joe. Joe takes full responsibility and would ensure that your trip becomes a lifetime remembrance.

Okay so the above mentioned points are not easy to implement and we totally get it. Well, the ultimate solution to all your problems is here! This Tech-world has a lot to offer and we are Joe Hukum – Your personal assistance. You just text Joe and rest is the History. From booking a Cab to bringing you your morning Coffee to your Flight tickets to your late night dinner – Joe offers all. It’s an application based platform and it promotes chat. It is available on Android and also on Apple platform.




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