Whom would you surprise this Christmas?

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If you’re planning something freaky this Christmas or holiday gift exchange, then you can do no better than Secret Santa. Some people might not be aware of the rules, but after reading this you’ll be ready to play this amazing game. There are some guidelines or etiquette which you need to follow but you don’t need to get terrified! Don’t worry; Joe is here with the rules of play to a successful Secret Santa.

Rule 1: Identify who should be “in” the game.
If it’s an office Secret Santa, circulate around the office to receive everyone’s email; if it’s a family game, you’ll need the email addresses of everyone you want to bring in. Post a notice on social networking website like Facebook, asking who wants to participate.

Rule 2: Specify a price limit for a gift. Are you rich?
It could be INR 500 to INR 1000 or whatever you think would easily work. The gift limit provide guidance to everyone as to what to put on their wishlist, and how much to spend on their recipient.

Rule 3: Specify a gift theme as per you interest.
By this we mean, what kind of gifts are you giving – serious gifts, or gag / funny gifts? Either way is great. If you’re in an office, or your family is pretty uptight, you might want to say no to alcohol & no naughty gifts, etc. Whatever works!

Rule 4: Create a Secret Santa Q/A.
Secret Santa questionnaires ask pals about their likes, their dislikes & also their hobbies. Whatever be the place, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about each other.

Rule 5: Set a gift-giving date.
You must be thinking Dec 25th is the best date for this gift giving, but no, not at all. This is the date that everyone will exchange gifts & it should be before Christmas. It can be “in person” or “online.”

Rule 6: No peeking! And no cheating. Part of the fun is that you have to buy a gift for your recipient, no matter how little you know about them.

Rule 7: Remind everyone to buy a gift.
This is perhaps THE most important Secret Santa rule: you got to buy a gift! Text Joe and he is there to resolve all your problems and searching. Text him what you plan to buy for your friend & that’s it. It would be delivered at your place. No crowded shopping malls for you!

Rule 8:. Exchange gifts.
On the gift-giving date, everyone meets in person or online and exchanges gifts. Everyone’s Secret Santa is revealed! Voila! You learnt the rules.


Joe Hukum has also planned some amazing gifts which you could present it to your friends. Become the secret Santa to your friends & surprise them with the listed gifts or the gifts of your choice!

Though you must be expecting some normal clichéd gifts to present, but we have something fishy in it.



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