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5 Gift Ideas for Christmas.

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We all would agree that whatever way our friends behave superficially, but from the inside, they always have that naughty self within. Even if they, say they are on a lookout for something original, they have something quirky in mind – something different from the standard. Why not we break the norm this time and do something crazy, something truly unusual? Standing out of the crowd and taking inspiration of some whacky shit and presenting it to your friends. We all have plethora of those options which might introduce some freaky tune to your friendship.

  1. Beer Mug -:  How often do you miss out having beer with your friends? Almost all the time, right? Well, here is something which would make your get together a bit more exciting. Order these Beer mugs through Joe and get it delivered at your place. This addition of desi swag to your beer glasses would certainly add new tadkas to  make it spicer.      1
  2.  Coconut zipper pouch -:  Ever Imagined, how much polythene you waste whenever you have to carry anything edible or small gifts. Well, we have a very good option for you. Use these coconut zippers to carry ladoos, chocolates or even leather balls and save plastic and other non-degradable carry bags. Use of coconut zipper would add creative swag to your personality and would provide an eccentric hint to the use of recycled products.  2
  3. Beard Coffee-Mug -:                                                                                                                                                                   You know there is a very famous saying – “With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility!” & that is what this Mug is all about. There is enough research up on the internet which says that men with beards are better prepared to fight infections. What they are not prepared to handle with is the attention that the beard gets.    3
  4. Funny Doormats -:                                                                                                                                                                   You must have seen welcome doormats with beautiful designs but often do you really notice? Almost negligible. Now buy these cool quoted doormats and make them noticeable every time your pals walk in and out.                    4
  5.  Visiting card Brief Case -:                                                                                                                                                         Those shiny metal cases with slippery material is now a vintage stuff. Buy these cool briefcase card holders & make your every step noticeable. Using it every time while adding a new member to your business list would make you look so cool that your boss is going to hate it.5                          Text Joe Hukum @ 7065520552 if you would like to buy any of these gifts or other gifts.



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