From Conversation to Conversion: The dawn of chat bots.

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Since April 2014, Facebook Messenger has grown from 200m monthly users to a whopping 900m. This statistic showsjust how much messaging apps have exploded in popularity, and also highlights a major shift in where people spend theirtime. Easy to use, convenient and user-friendly – messaging apps are no longer part of social media websites, butseparate […]


How to save time.

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Ways to Save your Time   Eat Healthy Meals – Healthy eating is about eating smart. Eating fresh fruits & vegetables, reducing your intake of sugar & refined carbohydrates, on the other hand, may help to improve mood & lower the risk of mental problems, but how do you assure yourself that every morning when […]


Whom would you surprise this Christmas?

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If you’re planning something freaky this Christmas or holiday gift exchange, then you can do no better than Secret Santa. Some people might not be aware of the rules, but after reading this you’ll be ready to play this amazing game. There are some guidelines or etiquette which you need to follow but you don’t […]

Delhi air pollution

What are you breathing?

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Air Pollution in Delhi has seen a major escalation since past years. This major increase is majorly due to Industrial waste and Vehicular pollution (Accounting from 7.5 Million Cars). Some other interesting facts which would certainly stun you -: • 80,000 trucks flit in and out of the city at night. Many being two decades […]